The following 5 songs are related to the themes of this story, please enjoy your visit at my blog.


Lady Gaga- Born this way

This song resembles the theme of individuality in this book. It is very suitable because the lyrics talk about the uniqueness of the character. Balram is very special because he obtained freedom and accomplished what seems impossible to many people. This song portrays a person that is very different and outstanding from the rest, which is very similar to Balram.

Jason Mraz- The Freedom Song

The Freedom Song talks about the pleasure of being free and also the feeling to be free. Balram worked his way up the caste system, which is something that requires freedom. Balram certainly enjoys being free from his family and the social standards. This song is very suitable because it pictures someone having freedom and enjoying life. Balram is able to experience this because he has left the darkness.

Mike Doughty- Rising Up

The lyrics of this song is very appropriate for the theme of perseverance. The lyrics say “keep on rising up” and that shows intent to succeed. Balram had the will to succeed but it was not an easy path. The lyrics also talk about some sort of struggle. Balram experience struggle as well, but he did not give up. Instead he kept going on and finally it paid off for him.

The Clash- Career Opportunities

This song speaks about job opportunities and this is a very important aspect of the book. Many people in India do not have the chance to pick their jobs. They are born with that duty and social status. Balram had the opputunity to become a driver instead of a tea maker. He took advantage of this job and worked very hard to become a successful driver. It relates to the theme of social caste because this song talks about the different songs that is available to a person. Although many people cannot pick their job, it is safe to say that each occupation is important.

Iggy Pop- Corruption

The title of this song explicitly brings out the message of this song. The lyrics are very simple but the voice of the singer is strong. Corruption is evident throughout the whole book. The government is rotten and all political leaders accept bribes. This song is very suitable to describe India’s problem. The strong voice of the singer resembles the anger of the Indian population.



India is filled with corruption and anyone in the politics has been bribed or received money from the citizens. Even teachers from the school steal money from the school funds. Almost everything occurring in India is unethical. Every politician in India values money, wealth and pleasure. When they are living the life of a rich man, we are living in conditions where survival is our first priority. The issues of ethics bring anger to every man in India. India is said to be democratic and our votes will count. Our votes count, but how can we vote if we can not see the voting stations. The Great Socialists says “Any boy in any village can grow up to become the prime minister of India”. It seems like this is not the case because no one growing up in our village has ever received proper education. Balram was intelligent and smart but he was forced to leave school. The teachers did not teach and just waited for the school funds to be delivered. They will steal a portion of the funds and that leaves the school with no money to spend on uniforms, desks or books. My father died in a hospital, because there were no doctors in the only hospital on either sides of the river. The hospitals are supposed to have a government medical superintendent that made sure doctors visit the hospital. The Great Socialist sells this spot when it is empty. Once someone became the superintendent the doctors would report to this hospital and give a third of his salary to the superintendent. The superintendent would say that this doctor has been here and cured the patients. Then you will never see this doctor in the hospital after this one time visit. My father was diagnosed with tuberculosis and nothing could be done because no doctors reported to the hospital that day. This country is rotten and full of men who value nothing but their lives. They have no clue what ethics is and does not feel the need to find out. Free will is something that only rich people can achieve. Balram see’s free will only for his life, this is due to his selfishness. He had the choice to stay as a driver or to take Mr. Ashok’s money and start a new life. Not only he chose to steal the money, he also killed his master. He is now a wanted person in the country of India. Police are looking for him and the Stork’s are also looking for him. Everyone looks forward to free will because it proves that we have freedom. This is a dream of many Indians, a dream that is impossible to achieve. We can never attain this goal because all the systems prohibit us from doing so. Balram was able leave the darkness, neglect the caste system and start a new life. Although Balram left our family in danger, I do not blame him. I am glad he was able to get something that a poor person can never experience, free will.

The link I added is an article based on corruption in New Delhi. The government overstates the cost of a project and money left from the projects goes straight to their pockets. The rest of us are struggling to survive. The rich men will never understand the world of darkness. This article provides information of recent corruptions that have occured. There are authorities who commented on these underground transactions. Balram and I saw corruption in the school and hospital. These two institutions is very important for the community. If these two instituions are corrupted then the community will be in great danger. The corruption resulted in the death of our father and the lack of education for Balram.

Caste System

Citizen’s living in India is trapped by one main system, the caste system. The caste system is a social system the divides everyone into a high or low social status. This system determines your future career. Since I am born as a Halwai, meaning the sweet maker caste, my destiny is to work in the teashop. Everyone in our family expected Balram to be just like me. I am in charge of wiping tables, taking orders and serving others in a teashop. This is the reality in India, no one could overcome this system because it was used for thousands of years. Balram was not one of the usual villagers. He worked his way up from being a sweet maker, to a driver and at last a businessman. His ability and struggles proved him to be the white tiger. Before Balram became a driver he was working with me in Dhanbad in a local teashop. He told me to ask Kusum to pay for his driving lessons, I begged her. When I found an instructor, I explained the situation to him and I could see that the instructor looked down on our caste. I knew that Balram would be disrespected by the instructor after he said that sweet makers will never learn to drive. Eventually Balram learnt how to drive and got hired as the driver. At first he was the second driver and somehow he became the first driver. The good news is that he is finally going to make it out of the darkness because he is going to New Delhi with his master. A few drops of tears gathered in my eyes but I was proud of him. A person that exceeds his caste and leaves this place of madness is one who is actually free from their burden. Another person who was free from their burden was my father. He was controlled by Kusum and was forced to follow her commands. My father listened to Kusum and tried his best to keep Balram in school because he wanted him to be successful. Father was always abused by the women in our family and he was diagnosed with tuberculosis before his death. When father passed away I was sad, but a part of me felt relived for him. He was able to leave the cruel life he had, this was freedom for his soul. Balram was able to release himself from this system; he was the white tiger all along.

The video linked to this entry introduces the caste system. A caste determines one’s path and social status throughout their lives. It distinguishes the high class and low class and the untouchables. It shows the need of all caste in order for the society to operate. The society requires everyone to accomplish thier duty or else there will be a fault. This fault can lead to problems to other caste’s and occupations. This video focussed on the untouchable who was incharge of the cremation process. He says that although he is the untouchable, he is very important for the community. This is a system that everyone including Balram is stuck in. Although Balram was able to break free from his caste, he is still part of this system. Balram has to fulfill his duty as the driver and he is an important role to his master.

The White Tiger

The title of the book The White Tiger delivers a very vivid image to its audience. This title portrays a tiger coated in elegant and orderly white fur. A white tiger is extremely rare and can be distinguished right away. This creature stands out from other animals, just like Balram. As Balram’s brother I can tell that he does not want to be a normal person living in India. He wants accomplish more than what his father did. When Balram suggested to me that he wanted to learn how to drive. I knew that it would benefit the family and also allow him to achieve more. In the darkness, we do not have the power to vote due to the corruption. In addition, we are stuck in this area where proper education is not provided. Balram was different, he was the smartest kid in the class and he was a smart fellow, but our caste limited him. Caste was a part of the darkness as well. It limited everyone else from attaining a good job, good reputation and a decent standard of living. When Balram became a driver, I knew that he would be much happier. He got more freedom, better reputation and escaped from the darkness. He is clearly a white tiger, because he was one out of the millions of Indians who escaped the caste system and left the darkness. Balram and I came from a village called Laxmangarh, where I have never seen the voting station. When it was time for election I was not voting on my behalf because there were men who voted for us. It would be such a pleasure to leave the darkness and enter into light. As I stayed back in the darkness, Balram headed for the light, New Delhi. It is a place where corruption still existed, but at least one could vote for their desired party. A white tiger often struggles to live, Balram has experienced this every day. When Balram was learning to drive, the instructor often teased his caste as a sweet maker. Balram had to hold in his thoughts and anger because he knew that it was important for him to learn how to drive. In school he was teased by the boys in the village for being the white tiger. Balram struggled and learned how to survive and that contributes to his uniqueness.

The link below provided gives information about this beast. A white tiger is an endangered species mainly because of its defective genes, short life span and habitat loss. This tiger is very hard to raise but it is one of the special species that is very unique. Likewise, Balram was born with defects too, not physically but mentally. His life was restricted by the society, his parents died and he had to listen to Kusum, our grandmother. Balram was not able to grow up in a healthy and loving environment, which made him more protective of himself. As a result he turned out to be very selfish. This selfishness is his defect.