The following 5 songs are related to the themes of this story, please enjoy your visit at my blog.


Lady Gaga- Born this way

This song resembles the theme of individuality in this book. It is very suitable because the lyrics talk about the uniqueness of the character. Balram is very special because he obtained freedom and accomplished what seems impossible to many people. This song portrays a person that is very different and outstanding from the rest, which is very similar to Balram.

Jason Mraz- The Freedom Song

The Freedom Song talks about the pleasure of being free and also the feeling to be free. Balram worked his way up the caste system, which is something that requires freedom. Balram certainly enjoys being free from his family and the social standards. This song is very suitable because it pictures someone having freedom and enjoying life. Balram is able to experience this because he has left the darkness.

Mike Doughty- Rising Up

The lyrics of this song is very appropriate for the theme of perseverance. The lyrics say “keep on rising up” and that shows intent to succeed. Balram had the will to succeed but it was not an easy path. The lyrics also talk about some sort of struggle. Balram experience struggle as well, but he did not give up. Instead he kept going on and finally it paid off for him.

The Clash- Career Opportunities

This song speaks about job opportunities and this is a very important aspect of the book. Many people in India do not have the chance to pick their jobs. They are born with that duty and social status. Balram had the opputunity to become a driver instead of a tea maker. He took advantage of this job and worked very hard to become a successful driver. It relates to the theme of social caste because this song talks about the different songs that is available to a person. Although many people cannot pick their job, it is safe to say that each occupation is important.

Iggy Pop- Corruption

The title of this song explicitly brings out the message of this song. The lyrics are very simple but the voice of the singer is strong. Corruption is evident throughout the whole book. The government is rotten and all political leaders accept bribes. This song is very suitable to describe India’s problem. The strong voice of the singer resembles the anger of the Indian population.


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