India is filled with corruption and anyone in the politics has been bribed or received money from the citizens. Even teachers from the school steal money from the school funds. Almost everything occurring in India is unethical. Every politician in India values money, wealth and pleasure. When they are living the life of a rich man, we are living in conditions where survival is our first priority. The issues of ethics bring anger to every man in India. India is said to be democratic and our votes will count. Our votes count, but how can we vote if we can not see the voting stations. The Great Socialists says “Any boy in any village can grow up to become the prime minister of India”. It seems like this is not the case because no one growing up in our village has ever received proper education. Balram was intelligent and smart but he was forced to leave school. The teachers did not teach and just waited for the school funds to be delivered. They will steal a portion of the funds and that leaves the school with no money to spend on uniforms, desks or books. My father died in a hospital, because there were no doctors in the only hospital on either sides of the river. The hospitals are supposed to have a government medical superintendent that made sure doctors visit the hospital. The Great Socialist sells this spot when it is empty. Once someone became the superintendent the doctors would report to this hospital and give a third of his salary to the superintendent. The superintendent would say that this doctor has been here and cured the patients. Then you will never see this doctor in the hospital after this one time visit. My father was diagnosed with tuberculosis and nothing could be done because no doctors reported to the hospital that day. This country is rotten and full of men who value nothing but their lives. They have no clue what ethics is and does not feel the need to find out. Free will is something that only rich people can achieve. Balram see’s free will only for his life, this is due to his selfishness. He had the choice to stay as a driver or to take Mr. Ashok’s money and start a new life. Not only he chose to steal the money, he also killed his master. He is now a wanted person in the country of India. Police are looking for him and the Stork’s are also looking for him. Everyone looks forward to free will because it proves that we have freedom. This is a dream of many Indians, a dream that is impossible to achieve. We can never attain this goal because all the systems prohibit us from doing so. Balram was able leave the darkness, neglect the caste system and start a new life. Although Balram left our family in danger, I do not blame him. I am glad he was able to get something that a poor person can never experience, free will.

The link I added is an article based on corruption in New Delhi. The government overstates the cost of a project and money left from the projects goes straight to their pockets. The rest of us are struggling to survive. The rich men will never understand the world of darkness. This article provides information of recent corruptions that have occured. There are authorities who commented on these underground transactions. Balram and I saw corruption in the school and hospital. These two institutions is very important for the community. If these two instituions are corrupted then the community will be in great danger. The corruption resulted in the death of our father and the lack of education for Balram.


One thought on “Corruption

  1. Ashok Sharma says:

    Brother, I have not seen you for a long time, how have you been lately? I have moved to Bangalore and Dharam is safe. Do not worry, I have been taking good care of him, there is enough for him to eat and a good place to rest. Kishan, we all know that corruption exists, and we can do nothing about it. I have started my own business and I am becoming a part of this corruption. I have to bribe the police to close down my rival’s company. I also bribed the police to get out of trouble. Sometimes this bribing trick is very beneficial, but it always leads other people being harmed. I am sorry for bringing danger to the family. I admit I am selfish for doing this and I feel very guilty for my actions. I am pretty sure you have already heard news about me being wanted for the murder of Mr. Ashok. I know someday I will get caught and I will not be able to bribe myself out. It is true; there is no end to giving things in India. Brother I hope you can forgive me for my wrongdoings. Even you said that I am the white tiger, I am different from the others. Sorry, please accept my apology.

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