The White Tiger

The title of the book The White Tiger delivers a very vivid image to its audience. This title portrays a tiger coated in elegant and orderly white fur. A white tiger is extremely rare and can be distinguished right away. This creature stands out from other animals, just like Balram. As Balram’s brother I can tell that he does not want to be a normal person living in India. He wants accomplish more than what his father did. When Balram suggested to me that he wanted to learn how to drive. I knew that it would benefit the family and also allow him to achieve more. In the darkness, we do not have the power to vote due to the corruption. In addition, we are stuck in this area where proper education is not provided. Balram was different, he was the smartest kid in the class and he was a smart fellow, but our caste limited him. Caste was a part of the darkness as well. It limited everyone else from attaining a good job, good reputation and a decent standard of living. When Balram became a driver, I knew that he would be much happier. He got more freedom, better reputation and escaped from the darkness. He is clearly a white tiger, because he was one out of the millions of Indians who escaped the caste system and left the darkness. Balram and I came from a village called Laxmangarh, where I have never seen the voting station. When it was time for election I was not voting on my behalf because there were men who voted for us. It would be such a pleasure to leave the darkness and enter into light. As I stayed back in the darkness, Balram headed for the light, New Delhi. It is a place where corruption still existed, but at least one could vote for their desired party. A white tiger often struggles to live, Balram has experienced this every day. When Balram was learning to drive, the instructor often teased his caste as a sweet maker. Balram had to hold in his thoughts and anger because he knew that it was important for him to learn how to drive. In school he was teased by the boys in the village for being the white tiger. Balram struggled and learned how to survive and that contributes to his uniqueness.

The link below provided gives information about this beast. A white tiger is an endangered species mainly because of its defective genes, short life span and habitat loss. This tiger is very hard to raise but it is one of the special species that is very unique. Likewise, Balram was born with defects too, not physically but mentally. His life was restricted by the society, his parents died and he had to listen to Kusum, our grandmother. Balram was not able to grow up in a healthy and loving environment, which made him more protective of himself. As a result he turned out to be very selfish. This selfishness is his defect.


One thought on “The White Tiger

  1. Vikram Halwai says:

    Yes, son our country is rotten and full of nonsense. You are right about Balram’s individuality. I have worked my entire life to keep him in school, but the society forced him to work in the teashop. I do not blame you for taking him to the teashop because we cannot retaliate to the system. I am very proud of you Kishan, you helped Balram to become a Driver. Yet, I am curious as to how you persuaded your grandmother to pay for his lessons. Do not miss me son, I am very happy because my son has finally left the darkness. You helped me achieve my goal Kishan, I am thankful your my son.

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